Web Site Hosting

Business and Personal Sites

Erik Weems’ business hosting service: Servers are at a secure class-5 category location, power-grid prioritized with hospitals.

I provide Monthly, Quarterly and Annual hosting plans.

Hosting related services and policies:

The Servers

My servers utilize a quad-core based Linux operating system with automated daily, weekly and monthly backup restoration. Offline archival record service available. Besides the built-in Apache security with Cpanel, added security is provided by ConfigServer for 24/7 exploit scanning and Firewall maintenance. Extended email filtering and security is available through AppRiver.

Physical Security

Servers are maintained at a secure Class-5 Category location and are power-grid prioritized with a local hospital. Facility includes on-site power generators secured with lock and gate access only. Facility is secured with badge and keypin entrance with all on-site employees and visitors photographed. Actual datacenter floor access is by biometric scanner coupled with body temperature activation. Servers are secured into private cages. Man-trap security is maintained through each access point, entering and exiting.

SSL Encryption

Standard SSL encryption certificates SSLv2, SSLv3 can be used, also TLS 1.2 (though current SSL standards are encouraged and deprecated versions, such as SSLv2, are discouraged.)

Control Panel

The WHM – Cpanel server control panels are provided. There are over a hundred pre-installed apps available through the cpanel interface.

Archiving, Maintenance and Repair

All web hosting includes daily, weekly and monthly backup and site restoration service.

An add-on service of offline archiving on a monthly basis is available.

Email Accounts

Depending upon your site size, you can have as many email accounts you desire, for example name@yoursite.com

Fixing hacked and wrecked web sites

We have fixed hundreds of crashed web sites, especially Word Press web sites. If your site has been hacked, or you’ve locked yourself out by losing your password and access to the original admin email, we can fix this.

Reinstalling Web Sites due to suspension

When a web site is suspended for non-payment, the web site will go offline on the “cut-off” date, and to reinstalll the web site the cost is $147.00.

Custom Sites

Hosting for your existing custom site, or design and building of a new site is available. Custom “from scratch” sites are developed using a testing process to allow the client to view and approve each stage of the build.

Word Press

Hosting comes with free Word Press installation of latest version. I provide access, without charge, to my library of licensed professional Word Press themes for as long as you host on my servers.

** Themes that have been “hacked” to include custimizations are not guaranteed to work with theme upgrades. In such a case, we make a theme upgrade in a testing location so that you can compare the upgrade with the last version so that you can make an informed decision to go forward or not.